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We are the best and biggest social network with 5 million active users all around the world. Share you thoughts, write blog posts, show your favourite music via floopz.com, earn badges and much more!

Why Join Daily Storys Social Network?

At Daily Storys, we’ve always been passionate about helping you create meaningful connections with other people from all over the world. Today, we’re excited to introduce the Daily Storys Social Network.

Meet New People all over the World

Introducing Discover Pages, a new way for you to find like-minded people from all around the globe.

Introducing Discover Pages

Have you noticed that the interests on your page are listed as hashtags? By clicking on one of those interests, you’ll be directed to a Discover page that highlights people with that same interest. Discover Pages are the perfect way to find your new favorite musician, a designer to collaborate with, or photographer to follow.

Find People with Your Same Interests

We believe that representation with a minimum of other obligations required (friend requests, constant content creation, etc.) is the basic foundation of a personal profile on the web.

In the past few years, we got away from our unique brand of simplicity, adding lots of “engagement” features, as we chased metrics. While we generated millions and millions of compliments & collections, we cannot honestly say that either of those features created enough meaningful value for our users.

In addition, the world has changed. A lot.


Community Reviews

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Steve Brinker

Amazing Community

I find new friends on Daily Storys and partners who like my photography.

Steve Brinker
Los Angeles, CA
Susan Valentine

This is the Best Social Network ever!

The design is awsome , pretty quick and a amazing community..... i love it

Susan Valentine
Long Island, NY
Nic Griss

Incredible Design!

Great community i allways join with a smile to read my messages and posting my pictures.

Nic Griss
San Francisco, CA

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